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Experience, expertise and diversity

Established in 1973, Bizim Anadolu Tarim has been a global player in the edible nut trade. With extensive experience spanning several decades, we have cultivated strong relationships with customers on all continents. Committed to delivering top-quality products, we adhere to strict standards and maintain a robust supply chain. Our adaptability, focus on sustainability, and customer-centric approach have contributed to our success as a trusted provider in the industry. Count on Bizim Anadolu Tarim for reliable and exceptional service in the global edible nut market.

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Complete Logistics and Immediate Availability

As Bizim Anadolu Tarim, we are strategically located, enabling us to provide fast and efficient supply to our customers. Our central position allows us to ensure timely and seamless delivery of our products to customers in the global market. With a strong logistics network and partnerships, we have the capability to meet our customers' demands with speed and flexibility. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and our commitment to providing fast and reliable supply services sets us apart in the industry.

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Global Reach, Local Understanding

With global reach and a local approach, Bizim Anadolu Tarim operates in the market. Our ability to serve customers worldwide enables us to understand diverse needs and focus on the requirements of local markets. Active participation in the global market strengthens our capacity to comprehend cultural differences and adapt to our customers' specific demands. This local understanding allows us to provide personalized solutions and foster long-term partnerships. At Bizim Anadolu Tarim, we strive to leverage the advantages of global access while adding value to our customers through local knowledge and sensitivity.




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Bizim Anadolu Nuts

Bizim Anadolu Tarım is a family owned business, founded in 1973.

Constant drive for innovation and development rapidly transformed the business into a leading agricultural company in Turkiye, widely recognized for its quality products and service.

Our product; Almond ,Cashew,Pistachio,Pecan, Brasil nut ,Macadamia,Pumpkin Seed , Sunflower Seed , Coffee ,Walnut , Chickpea etc.

Today, Bizim Anadolu Tarım owns one of the biggest processing facilities in the Europes, employing the latest technologies available.

Our seeds are known for their exceptional quality and taste, and our network of partners and clients stretches all across the globe. With more than 50 years of experience, Bizim Anadolu is one of the oldest and best-known companies in agricultural commodities export business in Turkiye.

Product quality and customer satisfaction are our number one priority at Bizim Anadolu.


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